This is a True Idaho Potato Love Story
Idahoans love their taters. Maybe not as much as this guy, but it’s the truth.
Still a better love story than Twilight. What I really admire about this guy is how much he loves his job, too. The personal connection to the potatoes is still a little weird to me but hey, at least h…
20 Acre Organic Farm In Buhl
If you've been looking for a certified organic farm, this may be perfect for you. Think about it. You could hang up your corporate hat, buy some overalls from D and B and become an organic farmer - if you have $498,000.
Frustrated by Farm Equipment on the Streets? Get Over It.
I was within earshot of a conversation about tractors on the street.  One of the people was a transplant from a bigger city and was complaining about always "being held up by tractors on the road."
I held my tongue until he said "Why can't the make it a law that t…

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