Good News For Parents
The modern parents are juggling a lot of things. Most parents both work. Most kids are involved in some sort of extra curricular activity, or have 3 hours of homework.
How Do You Plan A Perfect Family Activity?
Unless you are an angst-ridden teenager you probably enjoy spending time with your family. Even though we love our parents and brothers and sisters - that does not mean we get along all the time and that we enjoy long amounts of time together.
Feminist Blogger Says She Looks Down on Women with Husbands and Kids
When I read this blog, my jaw dropped.  I couldn't believe that a woman who considers herself a feminist would say these kinds of things about moms and wives.
Her name is Amy Glass and her feminist blog contains titles such as  "I Look Down On Young Women With Husbands And Kid…
The Ten Worst Things About The Holidays
Supposedly, Christmas is a time of pure happiness and love...but in reality there are a few things that we hate about the holidays. Especially when family comes to visit! Here are the ten worst things about the holidays.
10 Things We Dread About Staying with Family During Christmas
Stay with family can be AWKWARD, but its part of Christmas. According to a new survey from Pr Newswire, over a third of Americans will be taking a trip during the holidays that requires at least one overnight stay.  Check out the top 10 things people DREAD about staying with family this time of year…
It Only Takes 28 Hours Per Week to Be a Parent
According to a new study, being a parent is not a full-time job.  The study found that the average parent only spends 28 hours and 9 minutes a week taking care of their family, which makes it a PART-TIME job.

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