According to Facebook, Idaho Doesn’t Have Any Ravens Fans
Facebook published some pretty interesting data this week in advance of the Super Bowl.  They analyzed the 35 MILLION people in the U.S. who have "Liked" an NFL team, and used that to figure out what team every county in the U.S. is rooting for
How Often Is Too Often To Change Your Profile Picture? [POLL]
I noticed this morning that Brad and Terry's pictures on our website are looking awfully pretty lately. And Terry seems to change his picture every other day. Don't get me wrong, I love a little Photoshop and Brad and Terry, but enough is enough with profile pictures.
Facebook Reunites Sisters After 72 Years
Back when Facebook was just about college students and the recently graduated it was great for getting back in touch with high school friends that you had lost contact with for a few years. But now that everybody and their grandmother is on the social network, the reunions Facebook enables have star…
Teen Arrested After Making Facebook Threats
Eric Rizley of Portage, Indiana was having a bad day. So the 19-year-old got on Facebook and started issuing threats. Unfortunately for him, that was actually a very, very bad idea. Now he faces criminal charges
Man Hijacks Girlfriend’s Facebook Page To Propose
If there's anything the internet loves, it's a creative marriage proposal. Now that the best ones end up on YouTube for all to see, it has become harder and harder to come up with a truly unique proposal. But that doesn't mean it's impossible.

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