Facebook’s Timeline Is Here — So How Do You Use It? [VIDEO]
After a few months in private trials, Facebook launched its Timeline feature to the masses on Thursday. In a nutshell, it lets you view people’s photos and status updates from days long past instead of just showing you what they’ve done or posted most recently. Basically, it’s the Facebook equivalen…
Find Out Where Facebook Is Hiding Your Important Messages
Did you know that any message sent to you on Facebook which isn’t from a friend or a friend of a friend gets filtered into an “other” subfolder?
Most people don’t, and this means you probably have dozens of messages sitting on your Facebook page that you’ve never looked …
What Will It Take to Get Your Teenager to Pull Up Their Pants?
I was working extremely hard this morning at work when I noticed one of  my Facebook friends had posted that he had made the decision to wear his pants as low as his sons to try and embarrass him into pulling up his pants. I thought this was a pretty, darn good idea.
Are They Really Making a FarmVille Movie?
Get your crops ready, hayseeds — there might be a FarmVille movie coming. As one of the most popular video games probably ever, the scourge of Facebook is about to hit the silver screen thanks to screenwriters Alec Sokolow and Joel Cohen.
Facebook Announces New Timeline Feature for Profiles [VIDEO]
Despite the whining about the launch of their “top stories” feature this week, Facebook unveiled and even bigger change at the company’s F8 developer conference in San Francisco: Timeline.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that profile pages will soon automatically put photos, videos, status upd…
Facebook Will Finally Let You Keep People From Tagging You in Photos
There's nothing worse than finding out someone tagged you in a Facebook photo where you're doing something embarrassing, or you look TERRIBLE.  Or both.  And you weren't able to untag yourself in time.
Well, finally . . . after FOUR YEARS of torturing us. . . Facebook has cha…
Social Networking Profiles For Your Pets and Toddlers
Look, I love my animals and I like to think that I spend a significant amount of time with my animals. But I have never thought ab0ut getting them a profile of their own on Facebook. I must be missing something because a lot of people are creating profiles for their pets.
According to a British surve…

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