Eyesight Restored Through a Lens Implanted Into a Tooth [Video]
This is the stuff that makes me marvel at the science.  And I'm in awe about how often science fiction turns into science fact.
Does anyone remember the Six Million Dollar Man?  He had a bionic implant in one of his eyes that give him extraordinary eyesight...
Are Fake Lashes Making Us Fake?
Fake eyelashes are defiantly the new rage. I have seen eyelashes that look great and I see eyelashes that look awful because they are too long or the wrong color. Eyelashes are also an investment, an investment that is very similar to gel or acrylic  nails.
Do You Ever See Things Out of the Corner of Your Eye?
Do you ever see things out of the corner of your eye?
I usually don't. Occasionally I see a sparkling "tracer" because of my Bipolar Disorder, but that's about it. All day today, however, I've been seeing lights and dark figures out the corner of my eye. And let me say this: the dark figure…