Twin Falls Man Injured by Explosion
A 60-year-old Twin Falls man is in a Utah burn hospital after a pickup truck exploded earlier today. According to the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office Bryan Silvester was taken by air ambulance to the University of Utah Burn Unit a little after 10:22 this morning
What Did This Guy Shoot (And Blow Up) In Jackpot?
Have you ever seen something that you don't completely understand and it bothers you until you figure it out? That's my deal. I've seen something and I have to know what this guy and his friends shot near Jackpot that caused a huge explosion.
Explosion at Fertilizer Plant in West Texas Caught on Cell Camera
WARNING - This video may be disturbing for some viewers.  It's a video of the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion taken from a truck that stopped to take video of the fire.  The actual explosion takes place at :28.  While it's hard to know for sure, we have no reason to b…