Things You Can Make with All Those Left Over Easter Eggs
I know that most Easter egg hunts have moved to the "plastic egg" variety instead of using real eggs.  But it seems like real eggs make it into the mix one way or another... Especially if you have little kids that still like to color eggs.
Take The Eggs Personality Challenge
According to this whacky survey, how you like your eggs is supposed to say a lot about your personality.  How do you like your eggs?  Do any of these even come close to matching your personality?
Top 5 Foods To Eat To Improve Your Mood
Maybe you are feeling a little down in the dumps today because we are still a few days away from the weekend. Let me help you feel better with a grocery list of the top 5 foods to eat to improve your mood.
Is It Worth It To Get Chickens? [POLL]
Rather you live in city limits or in the country a lot of people are raising chickens so they have their own, home grown eggs. I love the idea of chickens and having a bountiful amount of fresh eggs but, I'm not sure I am the farming type. I was raised on a farm but, we raised animal…
Would It Bother You If Your Neighbors Had Chickens?
It is hard to save money while eating healthy. Organic products are more expensive, fruits and vegetables can be expensive too. My family always plants a garden to try and save money during the summer on fruits and vegetables, some people are even growing their own beef and raising their own chicken…
Three Ways to Avoid Eating Too Much Easter Candy
SELF Magazine has a list of easy ways to keep yourself from pigging out on Easter candy this weekend.  Here are the top three.

1.)  Only Eat Candy You LOVE. Reward yourself with your favorites, and skip the filler.  So if you just KIND OF like jelly beans, don't eat any.  T…
Twin Falls and Magic Valley Easter Events
Eggs?  Check.  Coloring?  Got it.  Ready... Set... GO! 
If you're looking for Easter events around the Magic Valley this weekend, there's no shortage. 
There's plenty to pick from, inluding the annual hunt at Twin Falls City Park. 
The big events are a …