The Cutest Dog GIFs Ever
It's been a particularly rough week, so we thought we'd try to cheer everyone up with a few of the cutest dog GIFs ever. These dogs are heart-meltingly cute and are sure to brighten up even the darkest days. They'll make you just want to cuddle up and smile! Have a safe weekend everyo…
10 Adorable Animals Caught in Awkward Moments
People can be awkward. Missed high fives, cell phone crashing-- humans are pretty darn good at making things hilariously embarrassing. Luckily for our own entertainment purposes, we've discovered another variety of awkward masters-- animals!
Meet an Extreme Dog Who’s Cooler Than You
Welp, it's official. This dog's life is more exciting than ours. He's wakeboarding. He can do back flips. He got on a skateboard and didn't break his collarbone. He is officially the coolest dog ever. But that's not the best part.
Dogs in Pantyhose Are a Thing Now — Wait, What??
Well, the dogs don't seem particularly unhappy, so we guess this is okay. As long as dogs don't understand what dignity is, they'll probably be fine.
Owners in China have been stuffing their dogs into stocking and high heels, taking pictures of them, and putting them on the internet, because this is …
10 Totally Aww-Worthy Puppy Fails
Ladies and gents, it’s time for another round of entertaining fails. Recently we’ve scoped out the really unfortunate and the semi-painful type of fail. But this time around, we’re going for the straight up adorable, AKA puppy fails.
Is My Dog Robbie a Kleptomaniac?
My dog Robbie, a 7 month old Border Collie, is a thief. He grabs things from around the house or the yard and "steals" them. He stashes all of his treasures in the back corner of the yard near the shed.
He's stolen Jack's toys, plastic shovels, my work gloves (out of my back pocket), my lig…
Meet Robbie – Terry’s New Puppy
Over the weekend my family got a little bigger and a little happier. I adopted a purebred Sable Border Collie named 'Robbie.' Robbie is 7 months old and rather timid, but he's starting to come out of his shell and act like one of the family...

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