Brothers Look for Love on Craigslist By Posing as Centaurs
Despite possessing many positive qualities, brothers Dave and Mike found themselves date-less for their cousin's impending nuptials.
Having been told by the bride that dates are "mandatory" because she doesn't want them "harassing all of my friends all night" the pair took to Crai…
Weed Dating in Boise
Earthly Delights is a farm in Boise, Idaho that's come up with a creative way to get cheap help.
One night a year, they invite single people to come and meet each other... while doing work in the fields.
They call it "Weed Dating", and it's a chance to meet possible romanti…
Would You Set a Co-worker Up With a Friend? [POLL]
A friend of mine called me last night and asked if I would set him up with a co-worker of mine. I automatically said, "sure" without even thinking about it. Later that I night I was thinking about when I would tell my co-worker, and it hit me...maybe it isn't such a good idea …
Here Are the Five Biggest Deal-Breakers on a Date
Valentine's Day is almost upon us and there will be many, many couples going out on a date on or around the 14th.
A survey by PR Newswire asked single people what their biggest deal-breakers are on a date.  Here are the top five things that will get you dumped.
Single? You’re Spending Over $1,700 a Year on Dating
Being single is costing you a fortune.  According to a new survey by, a single person spends an average of $1,741 per year on dating and going out.  That includes things like $650 a year on bars, $431 on clothes, and $350 on hair and grooming.
What’s Your Biggest Pet Peeve?
This week is National Pet Peeve Week, and to celebrate, the dating site Zoosk conducted a survey from PR Newswire on biggest dating pet peeves.
Apparently, men are more annoying than women.  One in four men could only come up with one pet peeve, if they could think of any.  One in five wom…

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