Let’s Watch Sun Valley People Dancing Awkwardly
This was unexpected. When I first learned that someone had shot a new drone video in Sun Valley, I expected lots of mountains, streams and high-priced sports cars that I'll never be able to afford in this lifetime. Instead, I was treated to some very special moments of Sun Valley people attempt…
Magic Valley Refugee Day In Twin Falls
If you're looking for a great family event this weekend - go to the Magic Valley Refugee Day in Twin Falls! They'll have music, cultural dancing, and a chance to sample lots of different ethnic foods, and it's all free!
33 High School Students Were Suspended For Twerking
"Twerking" is the latest dance craze. And by that we mean Miley Cyrus is quite fond of posting videos of herself doing it.
But the administration at Scripps Ranch High School in San Diego are not fond of Twerking. In fact they just suspended 33 students for their own video of the dance, whi…
Awesome Traffic Reporter Boasts Best Dance Moves of 2012
We've said it several times before, and we'll say it again-- news reporters are awesome and super talented, in a variety of ways. So far the rapping weatherman tops our list as one of the coolest reporters around, but we recently discovered a dude who's giving him a run for his money.…
On a Lighter Note, a Ridiculous Pizza Commercial
Let's all just pause and think about what we really want this election day. Pizza, right? Here's a video excerpt from comedian Vincent Gargiulo's film 'KNFR From 7:00 - 7:30.' We think this is probably one of the best songs ever written about pizza...
Who Will Win Dancing With The Stars? [POLL]
Dancing With  The Stars has brought all of your favorites back and some of them have already been eliminated...sorry Baywatch fans. Others favorite stars like Kristri Alley, Bristol Palin and Drew Lachey are still in the running.

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