CSI’s Thriller
The College of Southern Idaho's dance students will be performing their annual stage production, "Thriller" next week.
Is this Flight Attendant Annoying or Awesome?
If you have ever been stuck on an airplane, you know that any entertainment offered is greatly appreciated.
This flight attendant went above and beyond to entertain her guests. She danced to Bruno Mars's "Funk You Up".
Was Bruno Rude on the Premier of Dancing With The Stars?
Leah Remini (Kings of Queens star) isn’t the best dancer, but she defiantly wasn’t Miley Cyrus. I would bet that if she hadn’t have been on live TV she would have punched Bruno in the face when he referred to her as Miley Cyrus…publicity stunt o…
A Computer Nerd Gets Revenge On a Laptop Thief
18-year-old Mark Bao is a student and self-professed computer nerd at Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts.  Two months ago, someone stole his computer.  And last week, Mark realized he could have his revenge.
Mark remembered he'd set up his computer to back itself up online.  And he could re…