15% of People Wish They Had Married Someone Else
I like to think that most people are happy in their marriage. I also assume that everyone married their best friend. I may be wrong.
According to a new survey from Daily Mail, here are six depressing stats about the state of marriage. 

 10% of people feel like they're stuck in a LOVELES…
Here Are the 10 Most Embarrassing Wedding Mishaps
A company called Kaleidoscope came up with the 10 most embarrassing things that can happen on your wedding day.  But Kaleidoscope makes dresses for the mother-of-the-bride, so their results may be a little skewed.  Here's their list:
Single Parents Actually Date More Than Single People Without Kids
Well, this is some reassuring news if you're a single parent looking to get back out there.  I mean, not good news for your kid or your babysitting budget . . . but good news for you.
According to a study by, members who are single parents actually date MORE than members who are s…
Three Signs Your Relationship Has Potential
There's something called the Relationship Research Institute in Seattle.  All they do is study relationships.  It's like "Cosmo" . . . except it's run by scientists, not yentas, and they never say awful things like "10 Ways to Please and Tease Your Hubby."
Dr. John Gottman founded…