Which Steak is Better – Grilled or Smoked?
There's definitely going to be some great steak cooking this weekend.
Do you think it's best to grill your steak or smoke it?  I suppose it's a matter of preference but I'd like to know which you like best.
I've never quite been able to get that criss-cross sear with my s…
Who Cooks More – The Man or The Woman?
We had a very interesting discussion on the show this morning.  We noticed that in many families (especially those with dual incomes) the husband seems to be picking up some household duties... namely the cooking.
In fact, most of you who called the show said that the husband does MOST of the co…
58% of Women Admit Their Husbands Are Better Cooks Than Them
A survey by a cooking website called found that 58% of women admit their husbands are better cooks than they are, and 52% say he does most of the cooking.  The average woman can only cook six meals from memory, one in nine can't cook three without a recipe book, and one …
You Can Do Laundry, Wash Dishes and Cook Dinner in Your Dishwasher
Brad Weiser swears that you can use your dishwasher to cook and do laundry. I thought he was crazy until I real this. According to your dishwasher is one of the best allies in keeping your kitchen safe from contaminants? The dishwasher sanitizes everything that goes in it, says Bonnie Ri…
13% of People Have Given Someone Food Poisoning
Have you ever had people coming over for dinner and you notice that the ranch dressing you just put on the table is expired? According to a new survey from Reuters, 13% of people admit that at some point, their cooking has given someone FOOD POISONING.
How Many Maggots, Insect Parts, and Rat Droppings Are In Your Food
We all wash our food thinking that it is clean and free of nasty stuff. Well, it looks like we are wrong. The FDA just released new guidelines for how much NASTY stuff can be in the food you buy, and it covers mold, rat poop, insect parts, and maggots. Ewwwww!
Here are a few examples that may make yo…
Southern Idaho Home & Garden Show – Day 2
The Southern Idaho Home & Garden Show is the largest event of its kind in southern Idaho, and it's happening now at the CSI Expo Center. Doors are open until 8pm tonight. Admission is $3 for adults and kids 12 and under are free! Come join us for the Southern Idaho Home & Garden…
Here’s an interesting recipe I found on this site…
Grain Recipes
Boiled Brown Rice
1 cup rinsed and soaked brown rice
1 ½ cup spring water
1 pinch of sea salt
Still rinse and soak the rice but instead of a pressure cooker, use a saucepan with a tight fitting lid...