Twin Falls YMCA Plans To Close One Location
The YMCA has been a big part of the Twin Falls community for over two decades. As a community, we have relied on the YMCA for our nutritional advice, exercise needs and overall healthy way of life.
Bella’s in Twin Falls is Closing
Twin Falls residences have loved the local products and local feel of Bella's unique shopping mall in Twin Falls for the last few years. Bella's is a great way for local, talented residents to sale their DIY projects at great prices. They also sold makeup, clothing, jewelry and much more.
UPDATE: Twin Fall’s River Rock Grill is Closing
We are sad to announce that Rick Rock Grill on Blue Lakes Blvd N. near The Magic Valley Mall is closing it's doors.
River Rock Grill has been open for 19 years. The restaurant started inside Kimberly Nurseries, moved to the building near Webb Landscape Center on Eastland and Addison, and then mo…