Christmas is Coming!
We have 47 days until Christmas. I know that some of you are completely finished with your Christmas shopping and others haven't started at all. If you have started your Christmas shopping do you know that you're going to blow right past your Christmas budget?
Christmas is Coming!
A lot of us claim not to celebrate holidays early, but retailers wouldn't put out Christmas items unless consumers bought them. Right?
I'm a true believer that October is for Halloween, November is for Thanksgiving and December is for Christmas.
Christmas Tree Disposal
A lot of us will wait until Wednesday to take down our Christmas tree. Some of us have already taking it down and thrown it on our front yard. If you don't want it to stay in your front yard the City of Twin Falls is offering a free Christmas tree disposal.
Is It Mean To Force Your Child on Santa’s Lap?
It is always fun to go see Santa but it can be intimidating and even scarey for a small child. This weekend my boys were waiting for their turn to see Santa. The little girl in front of us was dressed in a beautiful Christmas dress, but was screaming because she was so scared of Santa! The little gi…
Is it Rude to Buy a Gift For Someone While They Are With You?
Every year I buy at least one Christmas gift for someone on my list while they are with me. I have been told that this is rude and takes the surprise out of gift buying. I actually think it makes the present more of a surprise. They don't think its their present because you bought it while they…

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