Top 5 Tech Gadgets That Will Be Gone In 5 Years
Technology is a beast! It seems like we have a new, awesome, and useful technological advancement every day...but that usually means the end of some of our old favorite technology. Here are the top 5 tech gadgets that will be gone in 5 years.
Car That Needs A Refill Once Per Century
Tired of high gas prices?  How about a car that only needs a refuel once every... century?  David Russell Schilling reported on this thorium-powered concept car that could, in theory, revolutionize automobiles.
It's said that just one gram of the substance yields more energy than 7,396…
Is a Fly In the Car More Dangerous Than Texting and Driving?
Fly's are EVERYWHERE right now. They are so bad this year that local stores have posted signs saying they are out of fly spray, fly strips and fly traps. You can't sit down anywhere without 5 flies landing on you. I think the worst time a fly can bother you is when you are in the car. We have all be…
Join Jackie and Rob Green Today from 3 to 5 at The Magic Valley Mall
Don't miss out on the final MEGA tent event sale. Rob Green has moved their inventory to the Magic Valley Mall.No matter what make and model you are looking for they have something for you.
Inventory from 4 states, discounts and rebates on select models. Not all customers will qualify for all re…
Which Intersection in Twin Falls Has The Most Accidents?
Car accidents happen and if they occur in city limits they usually happen at an intersection. Someone forgets to yield, runs a red light or turns without looking. It happens more often than we think. If you had to pick one intersection in Twin Falls that had the most wrecks, which one would you pick…
Get Pulled Over For Having a Muddy Vehicle
It is hard to keep your car clean this time of year. As soon as you take it to the car wash it snows. I have gotten to the point were I refuse to give up any more cash to get my car washed just so it can be dirty again the next day. While having a dirty car might bother your co-workers did you ever …
Would You Rent The Popemobile? [POLL]
Everyone know that one of the most important parts of prom or your wedding is the car you rent.Right? So why not rent the popemobile?
On AOL reports the Irish Popemobile is now available as a rental.
You Better Redneckednize
Imagine with me for a moment, that you stop by your home for a brief moment on a Monday afternoon, only to find your husband with two co-workers re-wiring your kid's battery operated car so that it will go faster. You can imagine my surprise!
Do You Sing in the Car?
Not to pick on the elderly, but we all know how most old people drive, right?  Sure, they drive slowly and carefully . . . but they don't have the best response time when it comes to turn signals, changing lanes, or a light turning green.
According to NBC 11 - Mississippi that's how YO…
Could You Leave Your Cell Phone In The Car? [POLL]
It's kinda sad when you look around a restaurant and see people at EVERY TABLE staring down at their phones, texting, and completely IGNORING the people they're eating with.
According to Foodbeast there's a restaurant in Los Angeles that's SO determined to stop that, they&apo…
Awesome Dad Modifies Son’s Lightning McQueen Toy Car
Five-year-old Evan loves ‘Cars’ so much that he literally wore out the wheels on his Lightning McQueen Power Wheel toy car. So, his dad Sean, an employee at the aftermarket tuning company FFTEC Motorsports, rebuilt the ride from the ground up, even adding a zippy 500 watt elect…

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