Jackie Gets Another New Car!
I've has been test driving a lot of different vehicles from Rob Green Auto Group. This week I'm driving a 2014 Hyundai Sonata. This car is cute, comfortable, affordable and comes with every feature you would want in a new car.
Jackie Drives a Buick
Most of us think that Buick's are only for Grandma's. That is until you actually test drive one! The Buick Encore is a great little car with all the luxury features you would expect from a Buick, beautiful interior and INSANE gas mileage. With it's fuel-efficient 1.4L turbocharged eng…
Rob Green Gave Away a Car!
On Saturday Rob Green Auto Group gave away a 2013 Hyundai Accent for their, "Cool To Be in School Contest". In order to qualify for the Hyundai Accent, you had to be a High School senior with perfect attendance. 21 Magic Valley students qualified for the car. They all waited p…
Is It OK To Leave Your Child in The Car For 5 Minutes? [Poll]
A few weekends ago I was reading one of mommy magazines on our way back from a family vacation. As I was reading I was feeling like a slight failure. All of the articles were about, "Amazing Mommy Projects", that I would never attempt. Then I came across an article that would chang…
Test Drive the Nissan Altima with Jackie
I've been test driving a 2014 Nissan Altima from Rob Green Auto Group. I love this car! While I am used to driving a crossover or an SUV, I surprisingly LOVE the Nissan Altima.
Jackie LOVES the Nissan Altima
Rob Green Auto Group is letting me test drive a brand new Nissan Altima. I'm in love with this car! It has everything a mom could ask for: heated leather seats, rear camera (to make backing up easier), touch screen, great gas mileage, lots of storage...including a trunk that's so big you c…
Jackie’s Huge Golden Retriever in a Nissan Juke
My dog is abnormally large but, I insist on taking her with me as much as possible. Transporting a dog of this size has it's challenges. I have to help her get in and out of the car, I can't put anything else in the hatch of the car if she's with me and I have to carry 3 gallons of wa…
Smart Car Tipping Is The New Cow Tipping
Apparently, some punks in San Francisco have been running around tipping over smart cars.  The police say a group of guys in hoodies tipped over at least four Smart cars on Sunday night.  It's a funny-sounding concept . . . unless it's your Smart car...
Top 10 Surprising Myths About Gas Mileage
With gas prices creeping up on $4 a gallon we're all trying to conserve gas in our vehicles. I even road my bicycle to the store the other day!
Doing their part, Yahoo! Autos gathered 10 surprising myths about gas mileage that may save you money and wear and tear on your vehicle.

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