A 19-Year-Old Who Survived Cancer Just Won the Lottery
According to the Baltimore Sun 19-year-old Nick Ruth of Towson, Maryland was diagnosed with leukemia eight years ago, and beat it four years ago.  His cancer has been in remission ever since.  And now . . . he's also WON THE LOTTERY.
Mother Induces Labor So Baby Can Meet Dying Sister
Most parents and doctors wouldn’t even consider inducing labor early unless it were absolutely medically necessary. But, one mother decided that giving birth early was important to another member of the family. Namely, her daughter who was dying from a brain tumor.
Bring One Night of Fun to a Child Battling Cancer
Today, we met Sabrina Underwood.  To say this amazing young woman has had a lot of tough times is an understatement.  When she was just 3, she was diagnosed with leukemia.  After several years of treatment, her mom smiles with a tear in her eye...
500 Motorcycles Will Escort Buses to Camp Rainbow Gold
Camp Rainbow Gold was established 25 years ago by the American Cancer Society.  It's a week long celebration of life for nearly 85 cacer survivors that provides them an "escape from the rigors of thier illness."   The camp is free to these children and their families and is fully staffed …

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