Waterline Break Closes Twin Falls Street
TWIN FALLS, Idaho (PRESS RELEASE)-The City of Twin Falls has closed some lanes at the intersection of Falls Avenue and Lincoln Street to expose a section of water line that is believed to be ruptured.
Should Smokers Be Able to Take Smoke Breaks? [POLL]
Here's another reason to ostracize smokers.
Their cigarettes get them a TON of extra time off.  Light smokers take about 18 minutes of smoke breaks a day, which adds up to the same as NINE extra "vacation" days a year.
Heavy smokers can take up to an hour's worth of br…
4 Super Satisfying Videos Featuring Lots of Breaking Bottles
There's something deeply satisfying about watching a ton of bottles breaking at the same time, especially when they are filled with expensive booze.  Here are some videos of massive disasters, inspired by this week's surveillance camera footage of a crazy lady knocking dozens of bottles onto the flo…
Help Us Find the Best “Break Up” Song
Some information floating around suggests that most of you prefer to listen to sad music and cry following a break up.  What do you think is the best "cry your eyes out" break up song?   Miranda Lambert's "Gunpower and Lead?"... How 'bout …
Real-Life Superhero Loses Fight, Breaks Nose [VIDEO]
It started a few months ago in Seattle, when would-be masked crusaders came out of the woodwork, taking on crime in the city (and in one instance bravely stopping a man who was exposing himself on a city bus). So how are the heroes doing now?
To put it bluntly: not so super. Just ask "Phoenix Jo…