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Top 5 Break-Up Cliches
For many of us it's been a while since we've been dumped, for some the pain is still very near. And to make matters worse, sometimes we're given a horribly cliche reason why.
Here are the Top 5 Break-Up Cliches.
Here Are the Five Biggest Deal-Breakers on a Date
Valentine's Day is almost upon us and there will be many, many couples going out on a date on or around the 14th.
A survey by PR Newswire asked single people what their biggest deal-breakers are on a date.  Here are the top five things that will get you dumped.
Pippa Middleton Is Single! British Beauty Splits From Alex Loudon
And now for a story that will please every single man in the world: Pippa Middleton is officially single.
So says the Times of London (via PEOPLE), anyway, who quoted sources as saying, "It is common knowledge in their close circle of friends that Pippa" and her boyfriend, 30-year-o…
Facebook Banned The Breakup Notifier
There was a big setback for stalkers yesterday.  The Facebook Breakup Notifier launched earlier this week... it's a free web app that tracked the relationship status of your Facebook friends, and alerted you the second one of them changed anything.
And it was a runaway success:  More t…
February 13 Is ‘Break up with Your Ex Day’
Just before Valentine's Day, relationship site has declared a new holiday: "Break up with Your Ex Day." According to a survey they ran, 48 percent of people (including married people) said they look at their ex's Facebook page and other social media. The sol…