Finally a Website That Is Going To Make Me Smarter
I was killing some brain cells last night by watching Storage Wars with my husband and I saw a TV commercial that apparently improves your brain. Basically you go to a website that offers activities that improve your brain. It's like PBS kids or starfalls for adults...
Video Games Might Be Warping Our Minds — Health Check
Is your kid hooked on video games? New research says simple brain-wiring may be to blame.
Brain scans conducted on 154 teenagers who played video games at least nine hours per week found the structure and activity in the part of the brain associated with reward processing was larger than in those who…
The Key To Having Lots of Friends Is . . . A Large Brain?
Apparently the key to being popular ISN'T being really good at football.  Nope . . . you just have to have a LARGE HEAD.
 An evolutionary anthropologist at Oxford University just finished a study that found a person's number of friends was connected to the size of their BRAIN.