Brad Pitt

‘World War Z’ Review
The title is 'World War Z,' but I can think up two other letters: "O" and "K."
'World War Z' is okay because it zips along with the fury of a computer-generated cascade of fast zombies. 'World War Z' is okay because Brad Pitt is a great leading man, even if his character has no de…
New ‘World War Z’ Poster: But Where Are The Zombies?
Paramount Pictures' 'World War Z' seemingly has it all: Brad Pitt, big explosions, international intrigue, a looming apocalypse. Oh, and zombies. We shouldn't forget the zombies, even if it seems the studio has. Case in point: the new poster for the Marc Forster film, which features a forlorn Pitt a…
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Are Engaged
As a woman, I have a biological addiction to checking out other women's engagement rings . . . so if your a women you are probably wondering about ANGELINA JOLIE'S new ring.  If you are a man, you want to see if you could, in theory, outspend BRAD PITT.

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