Get Free Pizza – For Reading When You Were A Kid
As an adult I really don't like to read...but as a kid I loved it! I read so many books my parents probably thought I would never leave my room. One of the incentives to read when I was young was that as I read I was earning free pizza, and it turns out that is still paying off!
Books With a Letter Missing Are Better Than the Originals
Remember that time that #BooksWithALetterMissing was trending on Twitter, and it was hilarious? No, because your life consists of more than clicking around the internet all day searching for meaning in your life that you're never going to find? Well, let us tell you -- it was indeed hilarious.
The Top 5 Most Anticipated Book-to-Movie Adaptions for 2013
2013 is gearing up to have some great movie releases, some of which include the usual book-to-movie adaptions. Yet with allgreat new book to movie adaptions coming out, it can be difficult to figure out which one to spend $10 at the theater on, especially if you are not sure if it will wind up being…
Real Books or eBooks? [Poll]
I stumbled across a statistic on Engadget that I actually found quite shocking: According to Pew Research, those who read eBooks read more books than those who read real paper books.
Shocking? I think so.
Elf on the Shelf: Great or Strange Christmas Tradition?
I admit it, I came late to this current holiday tradition so it took me a while to figure out why I was seeing pics plastered all over my Facebook and Twitter feed of little toy Elves dressed in red doing strange things. Some where hiding in the Christmas tree, others were peeking out from around bo…