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New Bike Lanes in Twin Falls
I love riding my bike but, riding in Twin Falls can be extremely dangerous. If you enjoy riding your bike to run errands, you will be thrilled to know that Twin Falls plans on adding more bike lanes.
Completion of the Canyon Rim Trail
We can all agree that if you run, ride or walk on the Canyon Rim Trail it would be nice if the trail was connected. According to the Times News the Twin Falls Parks and Recreation Commission endorsed a proposal to fill in the gaps in the Canyon Rim Trail.
Dennis Bowyer, city parks and recreation dire…
Get Out And Hit The Twin Falls Bike Trails
My son Jack has a wicked cool Buzz Lightyear bicycle that he rides everywhere, and I'm usually resigned to walking/jogging behind to make sure he doesn't take a spill. This summer, I want to ride with him. I need to get my own bike.
Enter: Epic Ride Cyclery. They have your Instant Win Event code this…