What’s the Best Thing About Friday?
Every Friday I notice that most of my co-workers have a genuine smile on their face. Some weeks it's the only day of the week that they are actually happy to be at work. Assuming you get Saturday and Sunday off, what makes Friday so much better than Monday?
The Best Hotel in Every State
If you are planning on traveling this summer and would like to stay in an amazing hotel. Check out this list, put together by, of the nicest hotels in each state.
The 10 Best Places To Eat in Idaho
When I go out of town, eating at a new place is part of the fun. But you can't pick just any new place. You need a good recommendation. The Culture Trip came up with the best places to eat in Idaho and Twin Falls made the list.
Easy April Fool’s Day Pranks
Oh boy! April Fool's Day is finally here. To help you out if you have procrastinated your prank planning we have a list of easy April Fool's Day pranks you can pull at home or at work.
What Was The Best Super Bowl Ad?
I have to admit, I was too busy catching up with friends, holding babies and checking on kids to watch the Super Bowl commercials this year. A friend of mine said the ads were terrible! Is this true?
What’s the Best Way To Celebrate New Years?
New Years has always been a bit overrated in my opinion, but some people would disagree with me. Some say the best experiences of their lives have happened on New Years. Other people love New Years because its a fresh start. Everyone gets a second chance and is able to make goals for the upcoming ye…

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