Top 6 Traits That Make A Perfect Woman
Everyone has a different opinion on what beauty is and what it would take to make a perfect person, so the top 6 traits to make a perfect woman are subject to scrutiny. A survey was done asking about what makes a perfect woman and I'll admit that I'm surprised at the lack of being 100 perc…
Are Fake Lashes Making Us Fake?
Fake eyelashes are defiantly the new rage. I have seen eyelashes that look great and I see eyelashes that look awful because they are too long or the wrong color. Eyelashes are also an investment, an investment that is very similar to gel or acrylic  nails.
Beautiful People Have Higher IQs Than Us Too?
Did the handsome and beautiful people REALLY need ANOTHER thing to make their lives so much easier than the rest of us?
According to a study at the London School of Economics, beautiful people aren't just more attractive than the rest of us . . . they also usually have higher IQs.