3 Things That Can Get You Banned From Our Facebook Page
We love our Facebook page. One of the reasons we love our Facebook page is because that is one of the places where we get to interact with you. We are very fortunate that a vast majority of our listeners are awesome to talk to. However, there are rare occasions when someone does something that gets …
Should Circus’s Be Banned?
As a child I loved going to the circus. I thought the elephants were amazing, the ladies were beautiful and clowns were funny. But not all kids love the circus.
Should Energy Drinks Be Banned From Teens?
Energy drinks are everywhere, especially at High Schools. I know several high school students that drink 2 or 3 energy drinks EVERY day. I'm defiantly not against caffeine. I'm almost positive I wouldn't survive without my morning coffee and my afternoon soda. I've tried energy drinks as a substitut…
Facebook Banned The Breakup Notifier
There was a big setback for stalkers yesterday.  The Facebook Breakup Notifier launched earlier this week... it's a free web app that tracked the relationship status of your Facebook friends, and alerted you the second one of them changed anything.
And it was a runaway success:  More t…