Ridiculous Parenting Products
As a mother I have definitely been sucked into buying things that don't, the non-spill sippy cup. However, I am proud to say that I have never purchased any of the ridiculous baby items listed below.  If you have purchased some of these items I would love a review on them.
Are Girls Easier To Raise Than Boys? [POLL]
Most women will tell you that as long as they have healthy babies they will be happy but we all know that if a mother of four boys is pregnant with her fifth baby, she is probably hoping for a healthy girl.
Would You Use a Baby Mop? [POLL]
We have all tried to save time while cleaning. If this sounds like you then the "baby mop" could be your solution. Not only is it cute but it provides a great function. Some daycare are using these on all their babies to keep their playing environment clean and free of dust mites. …
Are Boys Easier To Raise Than Girls? [POLL]
As a parent, what's easier . . . raising BOYS or raising GIRLS?  And be honest, your daughter's not listening.
According to a new survey from Idaho Spokesman-Review, parents OVERWHELMINGLY say . . . BOYS are easier.  By about a three-to-one margin.
10 Things New Moms Hate Hearing From People
A survey reported in Daily Mail by the Pull Ups diaper company found that one in four new moms has stopped talking to someone over something they said about their new baby.  Here are the 10 things you shouldn't say to a new mom
Men Cry More Over Sports Than the Birth of Their First Child
According to a new survey Newstrack India, the average male sports fan says he cried more tears of joy over his team winning a championship than he did over the birth of his first child.  And 10% say that seeing their team win a championship is a more important day in their life than their wedd…
Are Vasectomies As Effective As We Think? [POLL]
Recently I was talking to some ladies that run a local daycare and they gave me some information that could be very scary depending on your situation.
They said they knew several couples that had decided to stop having children so the husband had a vasectomy done. Everything was great for 3, to …
Hillary Scott “Can’t Wait” to Have Babies
LADY ANTEBELLUM'S HILLARY SCOTT has only been married a few months but people are already asking when she plans to start popping out little ones.  Fortunately, she doesn't mind the question . . . because she's looking forward to it.

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