Four Apps That a Mom Can’t Live Without
I believe that moms are busier than they have ever been. To make life a little easier we are using technology to our advantage and I have to admit my apps help me get through my busiest mom days.
Here are the most common used Apps:

Living Social - Perfect for finding sweet deals for date nig…
Jack VS The Giant Boulder
How would you like to drop a giant Indiana Jones style boulder on your friends, or launch a rocket straight into their grill? With the app "Action Movie" by Bad Robot Interactive, you can!
Generation Z Or The iGeneration?
It occurred to me tonight that my three year old son Jack will never know the world before Steve Jobs changed everything.
Jack knows how to make calls on my iPhone, play Angry Birds on his iPod touch, and can navigate his mom's iPad better than most adults I know. To him, everything is a touch screen…
Flipboard for iPhone: A Beautiful Magazine of Your Social Media
Last Christmas I gave my wife an iPad. Most apps at that time weren't universal, and there were a few on the iPad that I really wanted on my iPhone. The list wasn't that long: Pages, Garage Band, and Flipboard. Earlier this year Apple released both Pages and Garage Band for the iPhone, but…
Use Coupons To Shop Online For Christmas and Save
I enjoy shopping online for Christmas. Together with the iPhone apps Santa's Bag and Slice, it's easy to get exactly what I want and have it shipped right to my door. There are some amazing deals found online too, but up until now traditional brick and mortar stores still had one advantage: coupons.
Organize And Track Your Holiday Shipments With Slice
I do most of my Christmas shopping online. I can find exactly what I want, where I want, and generally for how much I want. Shopping online just makes everything easier for me. The thing I don't like about online shopping is tracking down shipping numbers.
You know what I mean: Where is the email wit…
Manage Your Christmas List With Santa’s Bag For Your iPhone
There's nothing more frustrating during the holidays than realizing you've forgotten to buy a gift for an important someone in your life. Then you have to make the mad dash to the store, frantically run up and down the isles looking for anything that will work, and then pray you have money left in t…
5 Great Educational Apps for Kids
Ever given a five-year-old with an iPad a dirty look? Silently tsk tsk-ed in your head? Hold onto your judgment for a minute – they're not all playing Angry Birds. In fact, there are tons of apps out there that are all about learning. Here, we
Five Extremely Useful Apps That Are Also Free
If you're still refusing to get a smart phone because you think you don't need it, check out this list from Reader's Digest of four extremely useful apps that are also free. Check out our top five favorites!
Lifehacker’s List of the Best iPhone Apps
Power user blog Lifehacker has compiled a list of must-have apps for your iPhone or iPod Touch.
Whether you just bought a new iPhone or you're simply looking for some of the best basic apps for your device, the list below should be plenty to get you started.