Cats Playing Fruit Ninja
If you listen to The Morning Show with Brad & Jackie, you probably know that cats are not my favorite animal.
But I found myself smiling more than once when I watched this video of cats playing Fruit Ninja on iPads.
You win this round, cats... ...
Raccoon vs Bubble Wrap
You know how addicting it is to pop bubble wrap, right? Check out the video of this raccoon who also cannot resist the urge to pop bubble wrap.
What Is The Best Way To Move a Cat?
I have moved my cat four times and every time it is a huge pain. I have used a different method every time I move my cat. I have put her in a cat carrier,  tried to hold her in the car...I have even put her in a laundry basket. While all of this may seem like animal abuse, I have to move my cat…
Exotic Pets
A lot of people have exotic pets which is fine by me as long as they don't live next to me. I have a rule that if it's not a dog or a cat we can't have it as a pet.

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