Should Circus’s Be Banned?
As a child I loved going to the circus. I thought the elephants were amazing, the ladies were beautiful and clowns were funny. But not all kids love the circus.
Pet Birthday Parties [POLL]
New trend alert! Apparently, people are having Birthday parties for their animals. Especially on milestone Birthdays like the 1st Birthday, the 13th Birthday and the 16th Birthday.
Cats Playing Fruit Ninja
If you listen to The Morning Show with Brad & Jackie, you probably know that cats are not my favorite animal.
But I found myself smiling more than once when I watched this video of cats playing Fruit Ninja on iPads.
You win this round, cats... ...
Raccoon vs Bubble Wrap
You know how addicting it is to pop bubble wrap, right? Check out the video of this raccoon who also cannot resist the urge to pop bubble wrap.

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