Would You Ever Buy Powdered Liquor [POLL]
Like the world needs an easier way to get alcohol into the human body...but here it is. The government has approved powdered liquor. A company has figured out how to make vodka, rum, and some mixed drinks into powder. Then you just add water and enjoy.
Using Hand Sanitizer Can Make You Test Positive For Alcohol
More and more useful information is coming out about hand sanitizer. For instance, hand santizer doesn't work and you should wash your hands instead. It's true! Here is another study from Gainesville Sun, keeping your hands obsessively sanitized is like . . . GETTING DRUNK.
A Four-Year-Old In Chicago Got Drunk At Chili’s
Apparently we're in the middle of an EPIDEMIC:  Children nationwide are in danger of accidentally being served alcohol at chain restaurants.  So on the next trip to T.G.I. Friday's or California Pizza Kitchen, you might want to test that sippy cup.
First, a week and a half ago, a …
Another Kid At a Restaurant Was Accidentally Served Alcohol
Earlier this week, a huge story broke about a 15-month-old at Applebee's who was accidentally given a MARGARITA instead of apple juice in his sippy cup. 
And now, ANOTHER story has broken about a child at a chain restaurant getting served alcohol.
In Lakeland, Florida, a two-and-a-half-year-old was se…