You’re Most Miserable in Your 40s
We all remember being in our 20's. Our biggest worry was paying our rent on time and not getting fired. Life was so wonderful and easy.  If you feel like you might never be as happy as your were in your 20's there is good news. You'll find that happiness again ...
Can Getting a Tattoo Mean You’re Having a Midlife Crisis?
If you think buying a sports car and wearing leather pants means you're having a midlife crisis, grab your brick phone and head back to the 80's.  Midlife crises have evolved and if you haven't, it's because you're old.  Not that I'd want to give you a midlife…
Do You Act Middle Aged?
I may act middle aged even though I have a few years before I officially become middle aged. What's even worse is that I am completely OK with it. Do you do the same thing?  If you are wondering if you act middle aged, read the list below and apply it to your life.