Top 10 95.7 KEZJ Stories of 2011
2011... what a year! The cancellation of "All My Children," a giant wolf in Sun Valley hoax, Marines fighting kickboxers, hostage situation... these are a few of the stories you were interested in during 2011. Here's our top 10!
Obama’s 2011 State of the Union [VIDEO]
President Obama's 2011 State of the Union (titled "Winning the Future") focused heavily on all political parties working together -- Republican and Democrat congress members even watched in a mixed seating arrangement, rather than occupying separate sections of the House. Obama also announ…
12 (Hi-Tech) Items That Will Be Cheaper In 2011
I can't be the only person waiting for the price of the iPad to drop. Unfortunately the iPad isn't on this list but is nice to know that something besides our homes and cars are going down in price.
Dealsnews.com put out a chart listing the dozen electronics items that it predicts will drop in price …
Who’s old? YOU are!
Hey, who's in the mood to feel TRAGICALLY OLD?  Here's a list of 12 things that children born this year will NEVER know.
#1.)  Video tapes.
#2.)  Travel agents.
#3.)  Movie rental stores.