TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)- Summer means time off for teens  to find jobs across the Magic Valley as school lets out. The most common types of jobs available in southern Idaho are child care, recreation centers, pools, sporting events, retail and fast food according to Regional Labor Economist Jan Roeser for the Idaho Department of Labor.

Roeser says how teens typically get summer work is through already established contacts, “part of the problem with hiring the youth is that they don’t always go through traditional channels of being hired. There is a lot of word of mouth that goes on.”  Many potential employers are already known to the teen that has an existing relationship with them. Roeser says it is usually more reassuring to parents knowing their child is working for a familiar person.

Yet, in recent years there has been a decline in the number of teens heading out to find jobs in their spare time. “The participation rate for teens working throughout the years has really gone down compared to the 80’s” says Roeser. More and more young people are finding summer camps and sporting activities to take up their time.

Prospective working teens should remember to put volunteer experience on their resume according to Roeser. Also young workers shouldn’t be afraid to do a walk-in job request. Roeser also recommends teens think about how they can help an employer make more money, “that’s really why an employer hires an employee, how can you help me to be more profitable.”