Take a good look at this.  The Onion created a terribly offensive fake 9-11 Subway coupon.  There's no question in my mind.  It's disgusting.

You cannot get any lower than taking the pain, suffering and horror of that day and spitting it out into the form of a commercial coupon.

If I was Subway, I'd be pissed.  And they were.


The fake coupon was likely inspired by businesses trying to commercialize 9-11.  One example could very well be this real attempt by Marriott to honor the day with free muffins.  It's ridiculous.


@eclectrica via twitter

It's unfortunate for Subway to be made the example when they didn't do anything that I'm aware of to spin 9-11 into a commercial.  And at this particular Subway location, they simply honored the offer and kept their mouths shut.

It's hard to wrap your head around.  While the fake coupon itself if offensive, the point The Onion is trying to make is spot on.  Why are businesses trying to commercialize 9-11?

What do you think?

(Via Gawker and the The Onion)