Figuring out what makes someone sexy is no laughing matter.

Or is it?

Valentine's Day is here, so if you're still single, you may want to know just what a potential mate is trying to find.

In a survey of more than 2,000 people who were asked what makes someone sexy, good sense of humor checked in as the number one quality, with 73% of respondents claiming it’s a sexy trait. At the other end of the spectrum, there’s more evidence money can’t buy happiness, since only 6% of people claim being wealthy is sexy.

1. Good sense of humor – 73%
2. Treats family and friends well – 67%
3. Physically fit body – 53%
4. Cares about giving to others – 52%
5. Attractively dressed – 44%
6. Is wealthy – 6%

Among women , 78% say treating family and friends well is a sexy quality, making it the top choice, slightly ahead of the 75% who chose good sense of humor, echoing previous studies . And if you can believe it, good sense of humor was the top choice among men, at 72%, followed by the 62% who said a physically fit body was sexy.