I am all for planning ahead and working ahead to make life easier but do you really start your Christmas shopping in the summer? If so, the department stores are ready for you.

If you're somehow not familiar with the "Christmas creep" phenomenon, it describes how stores are busting out their Christmas merchandise, displays, and sales earlier and earlier.  But this might be the worst example yet.

The Independent reported that last week, approximately 149 days before Christmas, some department stores ALREADY broke out their Christmas stuff.

Harrods, the famous department store in London, is leading the charge.  Another London store, Selfridges, also has Christmas stuff.  We don't have any reports of U.S. stores doing this, but it wouldn't shock us.

Both of those stores decided to open their Christmas displays to try to take advantage of the tourist season.  They say that this is the peak of vacation time, and people visiting from other countries want to do their Christmas shopping now.

Have you started your Christmas shopping?