It's not exactly reassuring when MISSILES are flying around the country . . . and the military has NO idea who launched them or where they're headed.

 --And that seems to be what happened on Monday night.

 --On Monday around sunset, a news helicopter from KCBS in Los Angeles captured video of a missile that was launched off the coast.  And no one seems to know where it came from.

 --No missile tests were scheduled by the U.S. military for Monday.  None of the local bases or ships have claimed the missile.  And no one seems to be able to figure it out.

 --John Cornelio is a spokesman with the North American Aerospace Defense Command . . . a.k.a. 'NORAD.'  And he says they're, quote, "very confident that the missile was not fired from a foreign military."

 --"If it were an attack we would've known it and we would have done something about it."

 --The missile flew about 35 miles out to sea before the cameras lost sight of it.  No one seems to know where it was headed or where it landed.

 --The military is still trying to determine if it was accidentally launched from a Naval station or Air Force base in Los Angeles, or from a U.S. sub or surface ship. 

 (CBS News