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Does The Magic Valley Care About Soccer? [Poll]
It is World Cup time, and the United States didn't make the cut. Coincidentally, viewership of the World Cup in the United State is down by over 80%. So we have a debate, does the Magic Valley care about soccer?
2018 Summer Pet Photo Contest
Submit your favorite pet photo with a summer theme. We’ll choose the 10 best and then we’ll let everyone vote for their favorite.
Early West Nile Virus Detected In Idaho
This early in the season, the West Nile Virus has been detected in Parma, Idaho. It has been detected through a trap, no person has been infected yet, but this is the earliest it has been seen in the state since 2006.
5 Reason Magic Valley Women Hate Summer!
I am the first person to celebrate when the temperature reaches the 80s and 90s and the sun comes out. But, there are so many reasons that summer time sucks to be a woman. Here are a few:
Try To Outrun Twin Falls Chief Of Police For Good Cause
This Saturday you can come run a 5K at the Twin Falls City Park and all the proceeds go to the Special Olympics Magic Valley. Chief Kingsbury has decided to add something extra: anyone who can beat him gets a challenge coin.