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Habitat For Humanity Hosts 41st Rim2Rim Race
Rim2Rim is a race that is 7.5 miles long from one side of the canyon rim to the other. The distance isn't horrible, but the 6% grade isn't helpful. Good news, you can help even if you aren't a runner.
Anti-Bully Idaho Hosts Event Before School Starts
Bullying happens everywhere, and even though it is an unrealistic goal to prevent all bullying, one Twin Falls group is fighting for change anyway. Parents and students can now get together in an effort to end bullying.
5 Twin Falls Restaurants That Don't Get Enough Love
There are some amazing places to eat in Twin Falls. The ones that seem to be talked about the most are places like Elevation, Guppies, Buffalo Cafe and Norms. So we created a list of 5 delicious places that don't get enough attention.