What's going on?

Know Your Fair Phobias
Not everything at the county fair is for everyone. For some people, nothing at the fair is for them. But if you want to tackle your fear, it should be named. Take away its power over your feelings!!!! If you are going to attend the fair, you need to know what you're up against.
Comedy for a Cure Show
It's the Fun'der from Down Under! I could use some laughter and they could use your help! It's a win-win!
So with tickets starting at $10, door prizes, auction prizes, and a 50/50 raffle, seems like a sweet deal for a Friday night. All proceeds go to Alzheimer's Association Greate…
CSI Fly Like an Eagle Golf Tournament
Fly Like an Eagle Golf Tournament? Really? Dangle a 4-man scramble, prizes and giveaways in front of him - but then give him lunch as well? Fine! Have your fundraiser.
Library After Hours Teen Party
Perhaps the Twin Falls Public Library has a way to ease the older young 'uns back into gear. An after hours party at the public library!
Prepare for Potter Day!
Enter Potter Day! His birthday is July 31st, and a Tuesday is a good day to have a work party
Dilettante Group Picnic
Dilettante Group of Magic Valley is having a picnic on July 19th at 6pm the Twin Falls City Park.
Lagoon or Silverwood - Choices to make?
I recently took a vacation to Coeur d'Alene. We loved our rental on the river. The kayaks enjoyed the change in scenery. Oh look, there's Silverwood. My husband and I are both big amusement park fans and never miss a chance to get our coaster on.
What to buy in Twin Falls if you won $5000
Let's face it. $5,000 would be pretty sweet. It wouldn't change my entire world, but could make a nice summer. So, with that in mind. What to do with $5,000?
Castleford QRU Open House
The QRU wants to thank the community and also extend an invitation to anyone interested in helping out.
Another Twin Falls Traffic Note
I'm stopped and someone is waiting to pull out into traffic, I let them in. It's polite, right? It doesn't hurt my progress when the light turns green again, right? And then......