What's going on?

Castleford QRU Open House
The QRU wants to thank the community and also extend an invitation to anyone interested in helping out.
Another Twin Falls Traffic Note
I'm stopped and someone is waiting to pull out into traffic, I let them in. It's polite, right? It doesn't hurt my progress when the light turns green again, right? And then......
Johnny Horizon Day 2018
Twin Falls County, Twin Falls Lion's Club and Southern Idaho Solid Waste are sponsoring the 49th year of "Johnny Horizon Day Clean Up" on May 5.
The Twin Falls Squirrel Menace
You think they're cute and happy little critters. You're sorely mistaken! Squirrels are evil fat fluffy tailed tree rodents that are a menace to polite and even impolite society!
Shocking Toy in Twin Falls
So, you think you've played 'em all? By the power of electricity and potato combined, I challenge you to the Shocktato!