Like many, I jumped on the iOS7 update yesterday.  I still sport the phone 4s and I wanted to see if there was any benefit to upgrading to iOS7 on this particular device.

After nearly 24 hours with the OS, I can strongly suggest that there isn't any reason at all to upgrade.  Unless you like a "pretty" (debatable) new interface.

I may be a little picky here but when a company "upgrades" their operating system, I expect functional upgrades.  Apple has always done a respectable job of blending function with aesthetics but I have to say, this was a major fail.  In my opinion, Apple has room to grow in the area of function.  There are a few simple things the device should do but it doesn't.

1.  Create and handle email groups.  Most of us in an office environment use several of these on a daily basis.  Instead of mass emailing a group of people individually, we create email groups of people that we frequently send out mail to.  iOS has never been able to do it and it still can't.

2.  The keyboard.  I've used both Android and Apple keyboards enough to be envious of a device that supports Swype.  Don't get me started on auto correct.  The feature is backwards.  Instead of allowing me to choose a suggested alternative, Apple forces you to hit the "X" to or it'll do it for you, like it or not.

3.   The calendar.  I don't even know where to start.  The iOS calendar has never been good.  I like the new one, even less.  I'm not sure why Apple can't take a hint for third party developers like Sunrise and integrate a decent calendar into the device.

Aside from things looking different and a noticeable improvement to Siri's voice, I don't see what the big deal is.  Don't get me wrong.  If you like iOS, you'll like iOS 7.  But this isn't a revolutionary new operating system.  It's the same, exact OS we've seen on the iPhone since its beginnings packaged in a new, shiny wrapper.

In the end, I'm guessing that the new operating system will chew at my 4s battery life a tad more that iOS6.  And for no real improvement in function, I'm not sure I'd recommend the upgrade, unless you have an iPhone 5.  And I would even suggest you don't upgrade if you have an iPhone 4.  Granted, it won't hurt the phone, but I'm guessing you might experience some lag and delay on the older hardware.  I cannot say this for certain as I don't have an iPhone 4.