Have you ever been to a restaurant were the waiter or waitress doesn't write anything down they just go from memory? I have seen some waiters that are really good at remembering your entire order and I have seen some waiters forget everything.

Personally it is really hard for me to watch. I find myself wanted to ask them, "Don't you think you should write this down". And it makes me feel really bad if I have specific details like, no tomatoes.

Half the time if the waiter goes off memory they end up forgetting things. For example my family and I were having dinner the other night at one of our favorite restaurant. The waiter took our order and wrote nothing down. He forgot my husbands soup, my soda, and my kids dinner.

I was a waitress so I understand that sometimes things go wrong, but if a waiter can't remember an order they NEED to write it down, right?