Recently, we shared a new cut from Taylor Swift called "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."  True to form, this song is about her life and there is much speculation about who THIS guy might be, including former boyfriend, Joe Jonas.

After we played the song the other day, our phones flooded with response.  Some of you said it was a cute song and you'd love to hear it again.  Others said that while it was cute and your kids might like it, it didn't 'feel' like a country song.

It's not unusual for artists with mass appeal like Taylor Swift to release multiple versions of their music that are tweaked to fit a different genre of music.  This is a lot more common now than when artists like Shaina Twain were being played on all sorts of radio stations -- not just country.

Which leads me to today's question.  Do you feel differently about the country version of  Taylor's new song?  You'll notice that the the lyrics and arrangement remain very much the same but it's a bit tamer version.  Not as much bass.  You'll also notice some of the instruments have been swapped out for a more country vibe.

Here's a clip from the original version

Here's a clip from the country version