Here's yet another way kids today have it easier than you or I could have ever dreamed.  You know, besides the fact that they don't have to walk to school every day through ten miles of snow, uphill both ways.

More and more schools across the country are sparing kids the TORTURE of trying to learn cursive handwriting . . . and are having them learn a FAR more practical communication skill instead:  Typing.

In fact, cursive has been dropped from the Common Core State Standards, which is a curriculum standard that's used by 40 states.  In other words, cursive is going extinct.

The reasons for focusing on typing over cursive are pretty obvious.  Kids already know regular, non-cursive handwriting, which is usually more legible on the papers they write.  And now, basically everything in schools is typed anyway.   (Parentdish)

Here's what you had to say on The Morning Show with Brad & Jackie

What do you think?  Are we raising a generation of tech-dependant drones that won't be able to function without a gadget close at hand?  Or is it time we get with the times and ditch some dated education in favor of something that's actually relevant?  Comment below and take our poll.