I spotted what could be the greatest sign ever today at the Oregon Trail Youth Complex. Every parent with a child in sports needs to see this photo.

I think every kid should participate in some kind of sport while in school. Among other reasons, athletics builds character, helps them understand teamwork, and gives them something to do besides play video games or text in their iPhones. It makes them feel better about themselves.

Now on the other hand... there's the parents.

Some parents tend to get a little... let's call it "overzealous" at their children's sporting events. Perhaps your child doesn't need to hear you berate the umpire after what may have been a bad call. Your son gets embarrassed when you call the opposing team names--they are just kids after all. And your daughter didn't want to show her face at school for a week after you screamed at her coach for ten solid minutes.

I think as parents we tend to take the sports a little too seriously, and this sign helps us remember that. This isn't the big leagues. It's our silly kids trying to play and have fun.

I applaud the City of Twin Falls Parks & Rec for creating and posting these signs.