As a mother I have definitely been sucked into buying things that don't, the non-spill sippy cup. However, I am proud to say that I have never purchased any of the ridiculous baby items listed below.  If you have purchased some of these items I would love a review on them.

  • Infant Pillow with Hands - you baby lays on the pillow and the stuffed hands lay on top of your baby. This gives the illusion that mommy is holding the infant while they sleep.
  • Time Out Pad - A portable piece of plastic that looks similar to a cutting board. Everywhere you go, time out can go too.
  • Teddy Bear Placenta - A company is actually making women's placenta into Teddy Bears. Mommies are able to keep them in a special container for a keep sake. Gross!
  • A Diamond Pacifier - While diamonds are a girls best friend I am of the belief that no baby should have more diamonds than their mommy.
  • Sonogram Cufflinks - Everyone loves sharing the first sonogram but putting it on cufflinks is an entirely different thing.
  • Advanced Pregnancy Sound System - Play music for you baby before they are born. While I think it is a good idea to play music for your unborn child, who would wear a music device strapped to their stomach?
  • Potty Mitts - Don't worry about your child getting enough or too little toilet paper...give  them a mitt and teach them to wipe with their hand. WHAT?
  • Designer Hospital Gowns - I would actually buy this. All hospital gowns are gross. And everyone loves to take pictures of the new mommy and post them on Facebook.
  • Pee and Doo Doo Pillows - The name says it all. Giant pillows that look like pee and poo poo. These have been put on the market it hope of making pee and poo poo more friendly

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