On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I stayed in a room that's a bit above my pay grade.  My company sent me on a trip and I stayed in a suite at the four star Venetian.  It was spectacular!  There was a TV in the "living area" the bedroom and even a TV in the bathroom!  (You know you've "arrived" when you have a TV in the bathroom.)

I noticed something else interesting about the bathroom.  There were mirrors at every, single possible angle.  There was the obligatory mirror at the sink.  There was a mirror at the bathtub, mirrors on the entry doors to the bathroom and a vanity mirror that was located directly across from the glass shower.  Yes.  You can see yourself in the shower.  Yikes!

I suppose there are people who are pretty enough to appreciate all the opportunities to look at themselves and it could be that people who can afford a room like this also have the funds to eat well and have personal trainers.

All I know?  I was in a four star hotel with a Motel 6 body.