I'm sure 99.9% of the Chinese restaurants in this country are making good, clean food, and not getting caught for LEGENDARY health code violations.  But it only takes that ONE story to make you suspicious of all of them.

And the Red Flower Chinese Restaurant in Williamsburg, Kentucky just became that story.

According to CBS 12 - Hazard / Gawker last Thursday afternoon, a woman named Katie Hopkins and her friends were eating at the Red Flower, and saw two workers wheeling in a garbage can.  They were trying to be slick, but Katie spotted a large animal sticking out of the can.

The workers wheeled it into the kitchen, trailing BLOOD behind them.  Katie called the health department, and when a health inspector got there, he found out they'd just wheeled some ROADKILL into the kitchen.  A dead deer, to be specific.

The restaurant tried to explain that the dead deer wasn't going to be served to customers . . . it was for the owner and his family.  As you'd expect, that excuse did NOT work.

The Red Flower was shut down IMMEDIATELY.  They can reopen if they pass the state's most rigorous health inspection, and prove they've sanitized the restaurant.