Here's the scenario: my kids always have squirt guns and I invariably end up getting wet in some kind of raid organized by the 3 year old. Not any more. I have the Nerf Super Soaker Thunderstorm, a fully automatic squirt blaster.

Remember the old Super Soakers we used to have? The ones you had to constantly pump to maintain water pressure and leaked like a sieve? This is much, much better.

  • It's battery operated meaning you pull the trigger, you squirt a stream of water that can reach up to fifteen feet (Hasbro claims it can shoot 25 feet).
  • The Thunderstorm is motorized and totally awesome.
  • It has a really cool clip system so when you run out of water just snap a fresh clip in and your spraying kids again.

This is the coolest Super Soaker ever and carries a suggested retail price of just $14.99. Extra clips are $3.99 each, and you're going to want at least one additional clip. They run out pretty fast in the heat of battle.

It's made my Hasbro and the Nerf people, so you know this is a good toy. It's solid and sturdy and the clips make a satisfying "chunk" sound when inserted. I really like this Super Soaker. Even if you're not buying it to spray your kids, but for your kids, I would highly recommend The Nerf Super Soaker Thunderstorm.

And with the summer upon us, let the water fights begin!

Note: I didn't originally purchase this for me. I bought it for my son Jack, but he likes one of the older Super Soakers better (you can attach one liter bottles as a tank) so I claimed this for myself. It makes spraying the kids so satisfying.