What's up with Randy?  It's really sad to see him going down what might be a downward spiral of some kind.  I hate to think about this, but if it doesn't stop, I fear where he might end up.  If you're just catching this news, let's recap the last seven months.

  1. Randy was arrested in February for public intoxication at the Sanger Baptist Church
  2. He was found naked and drunk beside his wrecked car.
  3. He was charged with minor assault at a church early Friday.
  4. His truck was found, wrecked in a field.  His legal people claim Randy had nothing to do with it.

Not too long ago, I asked whether or not a country singers actions played any role in whether or not you'd go see them in concert.  In a VERY close poll, just over 52% of you said that an artists' behavior DOES effect whether or not you would go see them in a show.  That leaves around 48% of you who said you'd be hard pressed to go to ANY concert if you let their personal behavior decide.

Now, I'm a little curious.  Does the fact that Randy has made news twice since my last poll changed your opinion either way?